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Brenda is from the highlands of Guatemala in Huehuetenango.  She lived in Guatemala most of her life. 

She began learning English in 1983 when she came to Oklahoma for an exchange student program.  Later, she attended the University of Alabama to further her English studies and also to pursue a degree in Nutrition.  Brenda returned to Guatemala, where she taught English to Spanish speakers at the National University in Guatemala City as well as Spanish to English and French speakers through private instruction.  She also spent many years providing nutrition counseling in 
the poor, rural villages of Guatemala as well as in different institutions in Guatemala City.  After that, Brenda received a postgraduate degree in Food and Nutrition Security in The Netherlands.  She was completing a Master's degree in Public Health when she decided to move to the United States.

Since coming to the U.S., 15 years ago, she has been teaching Spanish in community-based classes in the Phoenix area.  At this point, she has 28 years of experience teaching Spanish and English.  She knows the subtleties of each language and culture.  She also has vast experience teaching small and large groups as well as teaching private lessons and tutoring.

Brenda also studied Spanish Linguistics and English-Spanish Translation at ASU.

Brenda Saenz-Summers

Main Instructor

At the summit of Volcan San Pedro in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala

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