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Teaching opportunities 

New teachers.

As a teacher, you have freedom to select the times, days, and the number of hours per week you would like to teach.  

Substitute Teachers.

We need substitute teachers, especially during the summer months and in December.

We can have you in our list of substitute teachers and reach out to you when your help is needed.

Teacher qualifications.

- Bilingual in Spanish and English.

- Knowledge of Latino/Spanish and

   American culture.

Bachelor's degree, preferable in a field related to teaching Spanish or linguistics.


-Excellent knowledge of Spanish grammar or the willingness to study and learn it.


-Native speaker of Spanish, or to be at a level of Spanish that is similar to a native speaker. 

- Be passionate about teaching and interacting with students.


-We are looking for creative, reliable, enthusiastic, respectful, patient, kind, happy, and friendly teachers.

-Able to use virtual platforms and tools in order to teach.

How to apply for a job.

Please send your resume to

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