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About us

In 2009, the Spanish Learning Center , SLC, opened as a community-based school in Tempe, Arizona,.  


During COVID, we moved our classes online.   When things started getting normal again, our students said they were very happy with the virtual classes we offered, so we decided to keep them online, using Zoom.

At the Spanish Learning Center, we do our best to help each student reach the level of Spanish he or she wants.


Students start reading, speaking, writing, and understanding complete sentences in Spanish from the first day of class. 

You can join our online classes from anywhere with the added benefit of being more efficient with your time and resources.

Our instructors are college-educated bilingual teachers, who are passionate about teaching the language and Latin American culture.

We love teaching and it will be an honor and pleasure to help you to achieve your goal to learn Spanish.

Coming events SLC

Trip to a Spanish speaking country in 2024, only for students at the Spanish Learning Center.

Group classes

Our online group classes don't have more than eight students.  In this way, it is easier to help each person based upon his/her own needs.  


Students join an online class for 90-minute twice per week, during 13 continuous weeks.  Each course provides 39 hours of instruction. 

Students and teacher are together in real time, interacting with each other.  Although we focus on conversation, students also learn grammar, reading, translating, and other skills to master the language

Each online class has a very friendly, fun, relaxed, and familiar atmosphere, so each student feels comfortable and confident communicating in Spanish.


We are proud to have a diversity of students, from different countries, backgrounds, and age groups, what makes the learning experience even richer.

Private classes

In a private class we work together according to your particular needs, goals and schedule.  No assessment is necessary.

Latin America and Spain

In Spanish

-Desde antiguas guerras hasta Cristóbal Colón, cómo los eclipses han cambiado el rumbo de la historia.

In English

-Every so often, an eclipse has changed the course of pivotal events-for better and worse.

Latino and Spanish cultural events in AZ

Botanical garden exhibit of Colombian

artist Fernando Botero, in October.

Juan Gabriel musical by Ballet Arizona in October.

Fun and funny

You will be able to sing love songs in Spanish

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