About us

The Spanish Learning Center that opened in 2009 is a community-based school where you can both learn Spanish and become familiar with Latin American culture and history.


It is a  "a gem of a school" in Arizona, located at a central location inTempe, three miles south from ASU and relatively close to Ahwatukee, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Phoenix.

Despite continually growing in number of students, we remain committed to the philosophy of having small classes to offer the best learning experience for each student.  We consider this approach to be the best for learning a second language.

Our instructors are college educated bilingual teachers who are passionate about teaching the language and Latin American culture.

Teaching philosophy

At the Spanish Learning Center we do our best to help each student to become bilingual in the most fun, relaxed and efficient way possible.  

Each class has  a very friendly and familiar atmosphere, students are the main participants and the instructor becomes facilitator of the communication process which takes place in Spanish only.

We focus on conversation, but  reading, writing and studying Spanish grammar are also important parts of the program.  Every class is a total immersion experience.


Students are able to read, speak, write and understand Spanish from the first day of class, moving towards more complex and advanced structures step by step.  

We love teaching and it will be an honor and pleasure to help you in your journey to become bilingual.

Group Clases

Group classes don't have more than seven students, in this way it is easier to help each person based on his/her own needs.

It takes two years to become totally bilingual with the group-class program we offer.  Students come to class for 90-minute classes twice per week.

We are proud to have a diversity of students, from different countries, backgrounds,  and age groups, what makes the learning experience even richer.


We don't like to leave any student behind, we just ask him/her to commit to study at least one hour per day so everyone in the group moves forward together.

If you know some Spanish already, you can join any group class at any time, as long as there is room in it, after a free 30-minute  assessment that will tell us which is the best option for you.  No assessment is necessary if you want to start zero.  

Private classes

In a private class we work together according to your particular needs, goals and abilities.  No assessment is necessary.

You can take as many classes as you want per week, according to your schedule

Other services

Translation of documents from English to Spanish.

Coming events

Trip to a Spanish speaking country in August 2020.

Learning Spanish will allow you to sing love songs!

French classes on Skype also available.

Peace song commemorating the 20th anniversary of signing of peace agreement in Guatemala.  In this song, you hear Spanish, Garifuna, and 3 Mayan languages.  

Written and composed by Fernando Scheel